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Ethernet is spreading increasingly across outdoor and production environments. Modern machine control systems and industrial plants are already equipped with 10/100Base-TX interfaces. In outdoor environments IP CCTV cameras and wireless access points have become Industrial Media Converters.

The industrial environment can also benefit from flexible media conversion by employing fibre optics as they are insensitive against electromagnetic interference and do not suffer from galvanic separation, enable longer transmission distances, and are highly reliable. However, deployment of fibre optics in office environments is fundamentally different from the deployment in production and outdoor environments where fast initialisation, high robustness and availability, as well as fail safe operation are required. For this extremely demanding environment, we have special media converters in industrial designs. 

Apart from the ability to work in extreme temperature and humidity conditions, the industrial media converters must be able to mounted on 35mm DIN rails. There are some other special features which are included in all the industrial media converters from our principals.
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