We extend full support to our clients by engaging with them at various stages. Our engagement with our clients is not an one-time relationship, but it is a long term commitment. We support our clients for various pre and post sales technical and non-technical requirement.

Our clients work on various projects in the areas of structured cabling, data center and networking. Depending upon the size and complexity of the project, they seek our assistance for designing the right solution. Topnet team has many years of experience in the industry. Having BICSI credential holders RCDD, DCDC, OSP, NTS, TECH & CT, and AVIXA CTS on staff, Topnet supports its valued clients with technical assistance for solution designs. Additionally, our principals also support our channel partners wherever additional support is required.

Solution Designs

The product range in our portfolio is quite wide and our clients require product training from time to time. We regularly conduct various levels of product training to the sales and technical team of our clients.

The product training ranges from a few hour overview training on some products to a few days long detailed technical training on a specific vendor’s products. These training are done mostly at our premises, however we also conduct these training at our clients’ premises or at other convenient locations.

The participants of the detailed training sessions receive certificates after successful completion of the training. While all of these training programs are aimed at the participants learning on the products, some of these training programs are also mandatory for achieving the status of an authorised systems integrator or authorised channel partner from our vendors.

Product Training

There are two types of certification training available to our clients. The first one is the vendor training available from most of our vendors who offer these certification training to appoint authorised systems integrators or authorised channel partners. These training programs not only provide detailed technical information on the product solutions but they also bring our vendor partners close to our clients for a long term mutual commitment and support. Authorised channel partners get various benefits such as project registration, special project pricing and joint customer visits.

The second type of training is the certification training from BICSI, AVIXA, FOA and Capitoline which are generic in nature and vendor neutral. We arrange these training thrugh our sister company, e-sharp Consultancy. These certifications are the competitive edge to our clients.

Certification Training

Our clients are the systems integrators and value added resellers. They include our products in their solutions to their end customers. The range of technical solutions they have to deal with is quite vast which poses a challenge for them when they have to promote our product solutions to their customers. Wherever necessary and for registered projects, we join our clients’ sales and technical team when they visit their customers to present the solution. In many such joint visits, our vendor representatives also join them. Our clients like this support which helps them in winning many of their projects.


We conduct technical workshops and seminars to educate our clients and their customers on the various technologies and products that we distribute. These events, which mostly have educational contents, are arranged by Topnet and our vendor partners at various cities in the region. Apart from the products and technologies, we also discuss about the current industry standards and best practices promoted by BICSI and InfoComm.

These workshop sessions help us learn valuable lessons from the participants who face technical issues in the field.

Technical Workshops

The products that we distribute to our clients are supplied to their end clients with installation and implementation support. The products range from simple cabinets which does not much Installation support to the complex network equipment requiring configuration and testing. In most cases the technical team of our clients have expertise in doing the installation. If they do require some additional support and expert advice from our technical team, we extend various levels of support. This can be complimentary support over telephone or email or a professional service for on-site support which is chargeable based on the scope of work and time involved. These services are available to all our clients, in the Middle East and India.

Installation support

When you need any assistance during installation or maintenance of the products, you may be able to get quick answers online from the Product Online Help links:


If you face any problems with the Product Complaints that we supplied, please contact us with some basic information.