Topnet successfully conducted the BICSI Installer 2, Copper in Dubai last Jan 31- Feb 4, 2024

We had the BICSI Installer 2, Copper (IN225) (5 days) from Jan 31- Feb 4, 2024 in Dubai by Mr. Ganesan. The candidates learned to perform duties in compliance with industry best practices, BICSI methodologies, standards, and codes.The candidates may work independently, as part of a team, as a team leader, or under the direction of a professional.

Things to Know About the IN225 Credential

The Installer 2, Copper exam is currently based on BICSI’s ITSIMM and is a two-part exam – hands-on and written. To become a BICSI Installer 2, Copper, you must successfully pass both parts.

Hands-On Examination
The hands-on performance exam consists of completing six tasks to industry standards, within a 20-minute per-task time limit. Proctors will give the pass/fail results after each task. If you fail to successfully complete one of the hands-on exam tasks, you will be given the opportunity to retest after each task on the same day at no additional cost. If you fail the same task twice or fail a total of two hands-on tasks, the hands-on exam will need to be retaken on another date.

Written Examination
The written exam can ONLY be taken after the hands-on exam has been completed successfully. The computer-based exam is two hours in length and consists of 100 questions drawn from BICSI’s ITSIMM. The exam is multiple choice, with questions based on both knowledge and application.

Exam Specifics

  • Number of Questions: 100
  • Allotted Examination Time: 2 hours

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