NSGate is a producer and supplier of industrial networking products and cutting-edge solutions for outdoor video surveillance systems:

  • Outdoor access Nodes, referred to as ‘NSBox’, that provide reliable operation of connected IP cameras;
  • Unique components for equipping electrical enclosures ranging from thermoelectric assemblies, fan heaters, lightning and surge protection;
  • Industrial network components ranging from PoE switches, PoE injectors, Ethernet extenders and outdoor UPS.

NSGate is the creator of NSBox, modular and scalable outdoor access nodes that  provide trouble proof operation of connected video cameras with a secure power supply, reliable data transmission, and protection of sensitive equipment from power surges.

It is a perfect technology solution for time and money saving in any outdoor video surveillance projects for a large-scale area ranging from construction sites, parking lots, hotels, parks, shopping mall, sports facilities, airports, farmland, bridges and highways.

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