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While IP and Ethernet technologies rule the world of Video Fiber networking, existing fiber and analogue systems remain widely used. Many CCTV operators are rightfully reluctant to replace 
their equipment with brand-new systems. They can continue to use the existing analogue systems, however they will need to use fiber optic cables for transmission of the video signals for longer distances. Fiber transmission components, such as transmitters, receivers and multiplexers, help them transform their analogue network systems into cutting-edge IP networks
in a step-by-step approach.

We offer solutions that are a perfect blend of innovation and simplicity—they improve the effectiveness of your video surveillance system, but with a clear vision on reducing the cost of ownership. Our principal is a leader in analogue, fiber-based CCTV and IP-based video surveillance, they know the ins and outs of both technologies. With the comprehensive video over fiber solutions, you can upgrade your analogue CCTV network.
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