What is Topnet Points?

Topnet Points is a reward program for Topnet customers. They can earn Topnet Points with which they can get products from Topnet or training from e-sharp. It does not cost anything to join the program. The current customers, who have done business with Topnet from 2016, have been enrolled into the program with bonus welcome points.

How can one earn points?

Earning Topnet Points is quite easy for our customers. Every order with Topnet which has been processed and fully paid will earn points. There are also bonus points based on the order value.

There are four tiers in the reward program: Blue, Silver, Gold and Platinum

TierRequirementOrder for AED 1000 will earn
BlueNone1,000 points
Silver100,000 points1,250 points
Gold500,000 points1,500 points
Platinum1,000,000 points2,000 points


How can one redeem the points?

Customers can use the points for any of the following:

  • BICSI RCDD, DCDC, Installer 2 Copper, Installer 2 Fiber
  • FOA CFOT Training
  • Fluke Networks CCTT Training
  • esharp Training (copper & fiber training)
Redemption PointsRedemption Value (AED)


Validity for the points

The points can be carried forward for one year. Points earned in 2019 can be spent either in 2019 itself or any time before December 31st, 2020.

For any queries, please contact marketing@topnet.me