We are happy to announce the new Cut-to-Order service program for D-Link fiber optic cables. This cut-to-order service program will help in cost savings and give extra convenience for our customers who need specific lengths and do not require full cable reels. Cut-to-length orders will be shipped within 24 to 48 hours.

D-Link Fiber Optic Cable Cut-to-Order Service

SAVE Money with Cut-to-Order Service!!*

D-link cables include Multimode & Single mode cables. This cut-to-length program includes the following popular fiber optic cables.
  • Multimode OM3 6 Fiber Tight Buffered Indoor Cable
  • Multimode OM3 12 Fiber Unitube Indoor/Outdoor Cable
  • Single mode OS2 6 Fiber Unitube Indoor/Outdoor Cable
  • Single mode OS2 12 Fiber Unitube Indoor/Outdoor Cable
*Cutting & reels charges will apply due to respooling the cable and additional testing.

Contact us to send you the pricing and datasheets

In addition to the above, we can supply 2,000m pre-cut reels of fiber optic cable for the popular fiber cables as well.
We will also supply custom length cuts for other standard D-link fiber optic cables.
If required, please contact us at marketing@topnet.me or call at +97142991162
Promotion Valid from Aug 16 – 31, 2021 Only.
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