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Telecom E1 Baluns allow two dissimilar cable types to be joined together with the minimum of electricaldegradation. Telecom baluns are designed to meet or exceed ITU-T G.703 specifications. The dual path configuration of the balun allows both the Tx and Rx Coax signal to be carried over twisted pair cabling. The miniature G.703 balun converts 75-ohm

coaxial terminations to 120-ohm terminations, and viceversa.It can also connect E1 hardware togetherover inter-building or campus twistedpairwiring.Some PTTs and private carriers are standardizedon 75-ohm coax, or have customers whose CPE has only 75-ohm coax connections. The G.703 baluns presents a ready solutionto this termination mismatch. A balun receives 75-ohmsignals and converts them to 120-ohm for transmission over a network or reception by a CPE.The output signals from the baluns are scaled to match the pulse shape requirements specified by the CCITT G.703standard. These baluns can perform 120-ohm to 75-ohmsignal conversion as well, thereby fulfilling a dual role.
E1 Baluns

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