TKH Security has updated the software for its VDG Sense Video Management System. The new release 2.6.6 offers two exciting new features and further improvements of existing functionalities. It can be downloaded by our clients from our website.


ObjectC – Object classification and counting

The 2.6.6 release of VDG Sense features a brand-new object classification algorithm named ObjectC. This fully in-house developed server-based feature can distinguish and classify objects in streaming video using Deep Learning techniques. The eight object types that can be detected and classified are: Person, Car, Bicycle, Motorbike, Bus, Train, Truck and Boat. The flexible VDG Sense macro functionality enables event triggering by means of user-friendly line crossing and area settings. Furthermore, ObjectC can do more than create events based on classified objects. It is possible for example to create events if more than a number of these objects are in a zone for a certain amount of time. Practical examples of these are:

  • Crowd Management applications

Example: Trigger an alert if more than ten people are in a zone for more than ten seconds.

  • Vehicle type detection

Example: Trigger an alert if a single bicycle is detected in a zone.

  • Stop and Go applications

Example: Trigger an alert if a car is in a zone for more than 30 seconds

ObjectC events are visible in the following panel types: ‘event list’, ‘timeline’ and ‘event search’. Because ObjectC requires considerable graphical processing recourses the analyzing process must run on a high-quality GPU card.


GeoMap – Displaying the GPS position of cameras

The new GeoMap functionality enables operators to see the actual GPS location of a camera. It uses an online zoomable map tool to display the position of the cameras. The camera connection status (online or offline) is shown using the camera icon color; it is green by default and red if camera is disconnected. Each camera position can be configured individually by defining the GPS coordinates. The GeoMap feature is integrated in a monitor layout using the new GeoMap panel. GeoMap requires an internet connection on the client side and there is no offline mode. The VDG Sense server does not require an internet connection.


If you require any further information about ObjectC or GeoMap, please check the Knowledge Base on our website or feel free to contact us


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