Siqura and TKH Security Solutions are proud to introduce a camera that can help detect raised temperatures.

The TKH Fusion is a raised temperature detection kit which can measure from a distance if a person has a higher than normal body temperature.

The TKH Fusion consists of a dual spectrum smart IP-camera and a blackbody. The dual spectrum camera is fitted with a thermal sensor, based on an uncooled microbolometer, to measure temperatures. It has a high-grade full-HD optical sensor for the captured images.

The camera is fully ONVIF Profile S compliant for interoperability with TKH Sense or other 3rd party VMS systems.

A complete kit for real-time raised temperature detection in crowds

  • Dual spectrum IP-camera
  • Accurate blackbody for calibration
  • High accuracy (+/- 0.3 °C)
  • Detection distance 3 to 5 m
  • None intrusive and none contact temperature measurement
  • Built-in detection algorithms
  • Smart face/body detection
  • Compact aesthetic design
  • ONVIF profile S and G compliant
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Why TKH Fusion (Applications)

Offices and factories will hopefully be back up and running before or after summer. During these critical times with the COVID-19 virus all around us, employers must rely on their employees own responsibility to make sure they are in good health before returning to work so that they won’t affect and/or infect others around them.

So to assist in access control, we suggest companies install the TKH Fusion. The camera measures body temperature and will display this information to the entrant. The entrant then knows if it is safe to go to work.

The operator / host receptionist can also monitor whether someone has a raised temperature or not because they will be given a notice of higher than normal body temperatures.

Self-assurance & Self responsibility are key words.
The TKH Fusion is a body camera combining:

  • the power of thermal imaging;
  • temperature measuring;
  • visible fusion;
  • core image intelligent analysis;
  • optical vision

All of these functions help determine whether a person has a raised  body temperature. Especially now during our COVID-19 pandemic it is important information since a raised body temperature is one of the symptoms of the virus.

Using both visible light and thermal imaging reflecting the same scene, it creates a double registration mechanism allowing for the system to send smart temperature alarms to the operator of the people in the image.

The TKH Fusion comes with a blackbody camera that ensure the precision of +/-0.3 ℃ in measurements. The optimum distance to take a measurement is around 4 meters.

The body temperature detection camera is focused on precision, using the built-in automatic temperature correction and the blackbody as reference point.

As the camera can detect temperatures for larger groups, the applications of this system can vary from but are not limited to customs, schools, airports, stations, prisons and other public places, but also in the healthcare industry or for activities with large groups of people coming together.

As the system is able to conduct rapid temperature readings and generate alarms, thus notifying operators or receptionists.

Advantages of using the TKH Fusion:

  • Accuracy – +/-0.3°C, using the blackbody camera allows for increased accuracy.
  • Quick readings – real-time temperature measure, with a response time of 30 milliseconds when the test people are passing through the detection area.
  • Contactless – the thermal camera in fixed setting allows for measurements on a distance between 3-4 meters
  • Ensuring safety – detection makes it safer for everyone, both staff and visitors.
  • Immediately alarm to notify operators.

The TKH Fusion is now available at Siqura

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