Fluke Networks LinkIQ™ Cable + Network Tester

Product Highlights

Cable testing you trust.  Network testing you need.

  • Measure network capacity up to 10 Gig via frequency based measurements
  • Troubleshoot active networks by providing connected switch information (Switch Name, Port Number, and VLAN info)
  • Install and troubleshoot PoE devices via Switch Negotiation and PoE Load test
  • Graphical wiremap and length test to identify common faults that occur with cabling installation
  • Document work through LinkWare™ PC reporting
  • Support all Industrial Ethernet Protocols (EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, EtherCAT, and others)
  • Industrial Ethernet Kit supports Industrial Connectors (M8D, M12D, M12X)For requirements, please contact us
    E: marketing@topnet.me
    P: +971-4-2991162Know more : http://www.topnetdistribution.com/product-update/fluke-networks-introduced-linkiq-cable-network-tester/